Friday, November 6, 2015

Beat the challenges of e-learning in India

How to beat the challenges of e-Learning?

Today’s technology along with ever increasing internet accessibility has opened of new avenues for learning and teaching. The learning with the aid of these newly evolved medium is largely known as e-Learning. The meaning of this term is also evolving with new innovations in technology as well the educational content creation.
Many people see many cons or pitfalls in e-Learning.
People cite many challenges for adapting e-Learning:
  1. Lack of structure
  2. Technological awareness and know-how
  3. Lack of social interaction.

We will try to take look at how many of these challenges are still relevant in Digital India of 2015.

Lack of Structure: This is number one challenge posed by critics of e-Learning. Lack of structure and motivation may make learner disinterested is primary concern of critics of e-Learning.

A well designed, planned and engaging course mitigates this challenge to a larger extent. It’s primary responsibility of course facilitator/trainer to design course in such a way that it keeps learners interested. To keep up the motivation many instructors offer in course rewards, badge system, which keep students not just engaged but drives them to give extra to the course.

Technological awareness and know-how: Many critics feel that to create an e-learning environment needs lots of technical nitty-gritties both and Learner and Instructor end.

With today’s technology this has to been true, now a days’ advance learning assistance system makes creating e-learning course and participating in it easy as breeze. Once setup these courses sometimes become easier than actually attending the class at physical location.

Lack of Social Interaction: Critics many times cite this problem where a learner engaged in e-learning does not get enough of social interaction.

In the age of facebook, twitter and whatsapp our medium of communication has drastically changed. He youth today is more aware of social politico changes, is more vocal and expressive about them although the channels they use for it are these new age messaging, social networking mediums. E-Learning offers learners to Learn, Teach and Share their knowledge through the medium they understand best. An e-learner can share their learning, get their doubts cleared and offer answers using these new age messaging systems quiet easily.

Towards the end, we all know a self discipline and motivation is any time better than the forced in field of education. e-Learning in India today effectively promotes the same and hence is one of the best available modes of imparting education.

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