Wednesday, March 16, 2016

A Few Good Habits for Learners

Just having a great Learning Management System cannot leverage all the benefits a virtual learning environment has to offer. In order to fully exploit a virtual learning environment both Teacher and Learner has to build a habit of imparting and gaining knowledge through digital channel. Teacher and Learner both has to understand and detect digitally shareable content and enrich the learning environment and the experience.

Here we will try to discuss a few good habits for Learners.

Get Organized. 

In the event that you generally arrive late, overwhelm, twofold book, or never have enough time, then it is high time you you sort out your time. Begin by ensuring you have another journal or timetable that is breakthrough with every one of your arrangements. Get a framework set up that works for you, so you're not twofold reserving yourself and you know where you are intended to be venturing out in front of time (not only five minutes prior). 

At that point, consider your state of mind to time. 
Do you esteem your time? 
Do you esteem other individuals' chance? 
What takes a greater amount of your time than it ought to? 
Where do you squander your time?

Start to accurately assess how much time each task takes you. Start to decide what you want to spend more of your time on, and what you want to spend less on.

Do multitask. 

Saves time - Multitasking spares you time when there are errands you can finish all the while. For instance, you have to do some exploration for a venture at work. You likewise plan to run several miles today. To spare time, you can hear some out instructive recordings while running. Instead of two hours to finish the two undertakings, you spared a hour by multitasking. 

Saves Money - Multitasking spares a ton of cash in the work environment. Instead of contracting more individuals to tackle undertakings, you can enlist individuals who are great at multitasking. Do you require one individual to record, one to answer telephones, and another to welcome individuals at the front work area? No. Procure somebody who does the recording amid downtime and who additionally has the client administration abilities to handle the telephone and welcome individuals at the same time. 

Builds efficiency - Multitasking can expand profitability in both the working environment and at home. As noted before, representatives who multitask accomplish more work by doing both recording and welcome clients and customers. At home, you could multitask to complete your tasks around the house speedier. For instance, you could empty and load the dishwasher while you are making supper. 

Avoids delaying - Multitasking propels individuals to accomplish more. For instance, have you ever constructed a schedule for the day? It commonly propels individuals to check things off the rundown. They feel they accomplished something every time a thing is checked off. By multitasking, you can check off more things and proceed onward to the following one. This inspiration empowers individuals to accomplish their objectives instead of to dawdle.

Set a schedule. 

As far as I can tell, a superior approach to approach your objectives is to set a timetable, set a schedule to work by as opposed to a due date to perform by. 

Rather than giving yourself a due date to perform a specific objective by (and after that feeling like a disappointment on the off chance that you don't accomplish it), you ought to pick an objective that is imperative to you and after that set a calendar to work towards it reliably. 

That won't not seem like a major shift, but rather it is.

Ask questions. 

You're in school to learn, so don't be afraid to do just that! Asking for help - from a teacher, a tutor or your friends - is a surefire way to make sure you truly understand the material. 

Share knowledge.

In digital world we are benefited by the knowledge pool of every human connected to it and sure-shot way to return to this pool is by sharing what we know. 
But there are some Do's and Don'ts of what should we share in the digital environment and what should we avoid sharing.

Do create positive content. A big part of what both Brand-Yourself and Syracuse talk about is making a good impression online. That doesn't just mean smiling in your Facebook profile picture; it means showing that you're interested in your prospective field. Post links to interesting stories. Jump into debates and conversations when it's appropriate.
Don't post questionable photos  anywhere on the Internet. The images make a great impact on the impression of viewer, so always be cautious the kind of photos or images you share.
Do Google yourself. That's right—search for yourself. You might get made fun of, but knowing what's on the Internet when people look for you is very important. In other words, find out what terms and keywords you can use to make positive pieces of content about you show up. If you have a personal website or a blog, give it some bells and whistles and make it easily accessible.
Don't post negative status updates or tweets. Sometimes, it's hard to be positive. The economy is struggling. School is challenging. And the news hasn't exactly been buzzing with beaming faces and rainbows. But don't let that come out in your status updates. Never rip a classmate, coworker, or person in a leadership role like a professor or boss.
Don't make your online presence all about you. Don't post what you're eating for lunch. Don't put up status updates asking for jobs. You can make your presence known by being interactive. Share relevant articles and videos. Make thoughtful comments when you can. Retweet interesting posts from people you follow. 

Next time we will discuss some good habits a teacher can build on to make Virtual Learning Experience great.

I would love to know your view on this topic. Please share your views in comment section.

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