Friday, October 16, 2015

Digital India inspires new thinking

India is rapidly moving forward towards being digital.
Digital India aspires to connect India’s cities, towns and 250,000 villages by end-2016, along with a system of networks and data centers say the National Information Infrastructure.
ePrabodh is inspired by the vision of Digital India, the vision to empower people with technology in day to day life, especially in Education sector.
We, at ePrabodh believe:
  • Knowledge is strength – and empowers the People.
  • Quality Education must reach the most inaccessible corners driven by Digital Learning.
  • Technology as learning tool maximizes the growth potential of students.
  • Creativity & Innovation helps achieve outstanding learning and progress.
With these four pillars as our vision’s foundation, we have created ePrabodh, Learning Assistance System. The System reflects our ideology in every feature we have created. It strives to provide Educator with right blend of his own Distinctive teaching method and all the benefits of advance technology.

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