Monday, February 1, 2016

Go Girl, Grow some wings

For the sake of all the secrets,
(Most sacred and deepest ones)
And to make it known to your entire sky,
I let my lips touch yours, O Sun.

Drunk with all the songs, 
my forlorn heart sings.
Now I soar with my newly grown wings.
I rise to meet you, My Light.

Flying is the ultimate expression of freedom, rising to reach the destiny is the most liberating feeling to me. Open blue skies invite me to explore my limits, inspire me to test my best and reach beyond my best.  

When I spread my hands as if they are my wings I feel a discontented sojourner: now free, Free as a bird to settle where I will.  I can see the entire world is all before me. My heart fills with joy. It is not scared of it's freedom. I look about and search for a teacher, so I am not nothing better than a wandering cloud. I start seeking growth of this immense pleasure.

Sometimes I wish I could grow some wings. Some people think humans should remain human, staying on the ground pondering and studying the intricacies of flight while letting birds be birds and angels be angels. I don't agree with them. I think humans should evolve to some thing better than they already are. That's the path of nature, to strive to be better than what is. 

But people who love skies like this girl, Alexis Noriega of The Crooked Feather who has created herself her own articulating pneumatic wings will always dream of better tomorrow.

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