Thursday, January 7, 2016

Productivity Tools of an effective Learning Management System

What all is required from a good Learning Assistance System?

Productivity Tools required for a good Learning Assistance System or Learning Management system should be able to achieve these important goals:

Workload sharing and best practices

A good Learning Assistance system should enable the Teacher to share planners and environment should help teachers share ideas and the workload.

Easy access to all important resources

For enabling teachers to be more productive these tools provide easy access to different resources like lessons, digital content, and grade books with a single login on any device, using any platform.

Add surplus time to teach

An effective system allows teachers to do more in less time by cutting down redundancy on non-teaching activities. Add more teaching time to the day with features that support Right Blend learning and flipped classroom techniques.

Streamlining the lesson planning and delivery.

Learning Assistance system saves lesson preparation time and promotes best practices by sharing template courses. This ensures streamlined lesson planning and delivery.
A lot of time of teachers is spent at their day planning lessons, setting and distributing papers, checking attendance, grading and marking assignments, tests, and exams, and taking care of other administrative tasks. A good learning assistance system should be able to take care of these tasks freeing lot of Teacher's valuable time.

Simplify communications

Dashboards for each user profile make it easy for teachers, parents and students to view upcoming tasks and assignments for all courses, announcements, and reports of student progress against objectives, all with no extra effort from the teacher. This simplifies communication and weeds out error because of communication gaps between these stakeholders. Effective learning system must have all these feature to enhance and give more power to a teacher to impart knowledge.

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